“Local Anecdotes”

The following images are taken from

the EHS May presentation.

On February 16, 1901, a large fire on the corner of Main and Church Streets in Georgetown did major damage to the 14 year old Knox Presbyterian Church.  Thanks to the volunteer fire brigade and help from bystanders, a good deal of the furnishings were rescued and the beautiful windows were saved.   By December of that year, the church was repaired and open for worship

A freight train crash in  June 1960, caused lots of local excitement, and tied up traffic for several hours. It happened on the stretch of tracks between the railway station and the ‘white bridge’ over highway #7, almost in the backyards of the residents of the newly built Swanek Subdivision (Hewson Crescent) on one side of the tracks and Dayfoot Drive on the other.

Another photo of the above train Georgetown train crash.  The Georgetown station and water tower can be seen in this view looking east.

The train crash of  September 1948 was a big cause for concern, when a Toronto bound freight train ran into a stopped Toronto bound train containing many cattle cars under the “white bridge” on highway #7 in Georgetown.  Some animals were trapped in the wreckage but  many wounded animals escaped.  Unfortunately at least 50 of them were shot. 

Another old century maple, hidden behind the porch post, was cut down on Queen Street, Georgetown this past winter.  There are fewer and fewer of the old maples remaining from the Ontario government’s replanting programs of the 1880’s and 1890’s.

Sprowl Barn Raising (late 19th century) Lot 26 Concession 4

Photo of the Sprowl Farm (1895) on Churchill Rd. S. (3rd Line) A new subdivision is located on this site across from the Acton Sewage Treatment Plant

Esquesing Council Chambers 1900 (Ken Grant)