Nine  Sesquicentennial  Farms

In celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday, the Esquesing Historical Society has made a list of the remaining farms in Halton Hills (Esquesing Township) which have belonged to the same family for at least a century and a half.  In some instances the family name has changed because the farm was passed down to a daughter of the family and subsequently assumed the surname of her husband. 


The list of century farms from the 1967 Centennial list composed by the Halton Junior Farmers was our starting point but after discussions with several old time residents, surveys mailed to the families of interest and the use of the 1877 Halton Atlas and a 1916 advertising map it was discovered that the list of 20 farms should have been 30 farms. The updated list can be found in the Heritage Farms menu at the top of this page. In addition to the sesquicentennial farms, we have collected a list of new century farms that have belonged to the same family since 1917.  This list can also be found in the Heritage Farms menu above.

2017   Sesquicentennial   Farms:     (Photos below)

Family Years Location Present Use Present Owner
Brown 1826 191 Years Lot 19 Conc.5, 5th Line cash crop & sheep Ted Brown
Brown 1826 191 Years Lot 19 Conc.4, 4th Line cash crop & Bruce Trail Leone Brown
Brownridge 1819 198 Years Lot 4 Conc.7, 7th Line Murray Brownridge cash crops the farm Sold to developers (2016)
Eccles/McClure 1843 174 Years Lot 25,26 Conc.10, 10th Line dairy farm Bill & Stuart McClure
Fisher 1822 195 Years Lot 9 Conc.5, 5th line cash crop David, John, Paul and Patricia Fisher
Harding 1858 151 Years Lot 26 Conc.6, 6th Line crops for alpaca farming Joan Matheson
Lindsay 1854 163 Years Lot 21, Conc.7, Trafalgar Rd. cash crop James Lindsay
Snyder/McArthur 1845 172 Years Lot 32, Conc.3, 3rd Line Ron McArthur farms the remaining 47 acres Leroy McArthur
Stull 1838 189 Years Lot 24,25, Conc.9, 8th Line crops & livestock Rick & Sally Stull

Brown House (photo 1954)

Lindsay House and Barn (undated)

Lindsay Barn (undated)

Fisher House (1826)




















Harding House (undated)