Upper Canada – Colonial Advocate


Colonial Advocate Queenston, August 26, 1824

To Mr Thomas Fiefe 7 Lote 9 Conesson Esquiesson Townshipe

Calladon June the 14 — 1822

Sir as I have siverall times thought upon the want of a Cowe since I was at your houze and you said you had a Particklar good one that you would sell if shie has No faltues such as fence Breaking ore Not Bliend in aney of hier Tites and Canney Everay way and what age shee is althowe she is a good Deall abouve the Comman Run of Cowes in Price as you saide you Could not Parte with hier Below about 18 Dollars Cowe and Calfe if Calfed I have just 10 Dollars at Presant But in the Couers of about 2 months ore 3 I have the fewes of moer than Clarer you if wie Bargen and I mien to Bringe my watch and Leve her for a Securetty in your hand But By no miens as Part of Payment as I had the offer of 12 Doellars for her in Cashe — Sir if the abouve Perposel sutes you Cane send the Particklars in writeng with my son and we seeme to agrie I will come Down with one of my Boys fore ner — I Reman Sir you most obedt


The following directions were marked outside the letter for the carrier’s guidance:

About the midel of the Lot that is Nixt to the one that is Slasshed Bleou you will sie a Slie Road that turens of to your left from the Main Road Kipe that Slie Road and it will Bringe to Mr. McKinon But Bie shuer and Louk at the Pins as you go allong 7 lot 9 Consson.

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